Collateral Murder

Collateral Murder refers to one of the most publicly recognizable leaks in history. The July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrikes were a series of air-to-ground attacks conducted by a team of two United States Army AH-64 Apache helicopters in Al-Amin al-Thaniyah, in the district of New Baghdad in Baghdad, during the Iraqi insurgency which followed the Iraq War. The attacks received worldwide coverage following the release of 39 minutes of classified cockpit gunsight footage in 2010.

The individuals responsible for the leak and public exposure of the footage were former analyst for the United States Army Chelsea Manning and founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange. Seeing the footage was the beginning of a pivotal change in my self directed direction as well as my personal views on the subject matter. My responses range from a number of various mediums spanning screen moving image based work to Risograph and screen printed work.